Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Cmon Baby do the Motivation...'

Group dynamics are an interesting thing in team builds. Music, activities, personal stories along the way to a shared outcome. We're busy filming the various motivational programs at Pick n Pay, tying it all together in a promo DVD, incentivizing them for an additional push through Christmas. 1000 winners will 'Live their Dreams' in January and we've already got some brilliant footage for the program. Script Draft (1) was a bit 'out there'...( I saw it clearly, but couldn't get the buy-in...) so Draft (2) is spot on the money, way more literal and even easier to direct! Add some funky graphics, staff songs and dancing, off-the-cuff sound bites from the people involved and we're going to nail this one. Probably wrap shooting in a week, then tie it all together - love it!

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