Monday, March 26, 2012

St Helena Bay shoot - Oceana Foundation

The Oceana Foundation have consolidated their various CSI initiatives. I was out at St Helena Bay to shoot the handing over of 3 school busses to schools in the areas where Oceana have factories. The children have amazing potential ( and a fantastic choir). Stoked to be part of the crowd that was out there to celebrate! Lots of speeches and donations, but the demands of a quick edit and telling the main story resulted in this video.
Oceana now have the Youtube link to mail when required.

Friday, March 23, 2012

With a little help...

It's what we do - but theres so much I get out of shooting the different programs and events we're privileged to cover. In the outlying areas, inland and up the West Coast, there are often a few songs from the local school choir. Not the begrudging, slack attempt I remember when I was dragged into the tenor warblers, but a full on, confident, motivated group. Theres so much potential out there and each one deserves a proper chance. At this event, Oceana donated 3 busses to schools in the area where their factories are. There have also been a few smartboards that have not only helped the learners, but motivated and 'capacitated' the staff. Looking forward to extracting the essence of the story through editing the interviews I shot.
Thanks Candice Chaplin for the pic