Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Can't believe the variety of projects we get involved in! From being down a pit getting the shot of raking crushed, bloody pilchards into an auger for fishmeal processing, to having a shower and getting the shots for a glamour shoot launching the new GHD. Its got a far more even heat distribution for better control...I've got so much stuff to share. If you want, I've stories about testing the melting point of bitumen using the ring and ball method! Have a look at the edit Tracy put together. Stoked with Marks footage under trying conditions - creatives thought an unfinished mansion would be ideal until night fell and there was no power for the lights. Video lights saved the day!
The videos a low res. offline version we use for emailing around the world to get clients approval on pics and music.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

'Cmon Baby do the Motivation...'

Group dynamics are an interesting thing in team builds. Music, activities, personal stories along the way to a shared outcome. We're busy filming the various motivational programs at Pick n Pay, tying it all together in a promo DVD, incentivizing them for an additional push through Christmas. 1000 winners will 'Live their Dreams' in January and we've already got some brilliant footage for the program. Script Draft (1) was a bit 'out there'...( I saw it clearly, but couldn't get the buy-in...) so Draft (2) is spot on the money, way more literal and even easier to direct! Add some funky graphics, staff songs and dancing, off-the-cuff sound bites from the people involved and we're going to nail this one. Probably wrap shooting in a week, then tie it all together - love it!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Safety Concerns

I've done various Safety DVD's over the years for training and induction. Either online for remote locations, on DVD, 'toolbox talks' or in the reception for visitors to view before going on site. Personal responsibility is key, correct PPE as well as management support for continuity of message.
Flash point of cutback bitumens is a low 50 degrees, which means it can explode at low temperatures if not handled correctly. I filmed this demonstration for a new DVD we're doing - they wouldn't let me blow up a real truck...
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dust control management

Another project I've just got involved in - Dust Control management. I got an urgent call to do an overview DVD of Dust-A-Side up in Pretoria, who supply various dust control systems for the mines locally and into Africa. I took this frame grab at a ferrochrome mine. Scripted, interviewed, shot and edited in a week, uploaded to Youtube and couriered to Paris for the presentation - done and dusted (or dust controlled!)
Great project to be involved in - learned a whole lot of new stuff!
And they thought the production was excellent - glad to be able to help out at such short notice.
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Motion Control

Exciting times. We're busy putting a program together on the catching, processing and distribution of pilchards - but first we had to find I was booked aboard the Advance and over the horizon we went. Great cabin, food and company. The endless 'scuba breath' sound, beating the fish finder tempo. Nothing, so further North we went, silently creeping up on the shoal. After 2 days of marking time, the sudden frenzy of all hands on deck and laying out the net, each person relying on each other to maximise the catch and get it in quickly. And me trying to get the shot and keep out the way at the same time! A long time at sea, but the footage I've got back is incredible - looking forward to the edit - so many options.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Drive-by shooting

Shooting another in the series, we needed to get various angles of the MyCiti bus heading towards the airport. 3 wide cameras suctioned all over the car facing in different directions, plus a cameraperson in the passenger seat. Timed our run perfectly and had the tourists waving as we drew alongside, then let them pull ahead. By the 4th time of doing the dance, they were looking a little more worried. 6th attempt at the drive by and they moved to the other side of the bus.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't be a sheep

Running my business for over 20 years, you learn stuff.
Reinvent, reinvest, rejuvenate, relearn - you gotta keep ahead of the flock.
'The only constant is change' - 'adapt or die' - wouldn't want it any other way!
So bring it on, lets do the joust and dance with the swords and if perchance I'm lanced, so be it!
Rather to chase the thrill than resign to the prescribed future of comfortable grazing and a certain end.