Monday, October 24, 2011

Palmiet shoot

The low hum of serious stuff happening, where science and engineering and civils meet in harmony and peak power requirements are met. Busy with a shoot recce down in the bowels of the earth, with the turbines and stators and phases and stuff. Heavy, impressive Hydro machinery kept in motion with a calm, professional team. Till my crowd get there...another safety DVD on the cards - with a twist - watch this space, its gonna be fun!

Friday, October 21, 2011

November 3rd

This isn't a sponsored message, but something bigs coming out of Canon on November 3rd in Hollywood. The hypes been generated for 2 months, everywhere you read rumours about what it could be, local camera shops are guessing it might be a video camera building on the success of their 7D and 5D cameras.
But the gut feeling is a gamechanger is approaching - and I'm going to have to find some cash...And if it's all for nought, then I won't believe the press release they send out ever again - pressures on!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Head of Steam

At the Transnet walk through with Robin Carlisle, getting his point across. Two minutes later I hurtled a flick flack up the stairs into the refurbished coach, ripping out the headphone jack in front of the assembled media crew. Camera repairs are costing more than I charged for the gig...

Spot the Mistake

Safety DVDs - how to make them relevant, entertaining and meet the brief... get the viewer involved - pose the question...what is wrong with this scene?
He's not wearing Safety Goggles...